Poor people should not have kids or pets.

Not much to do when your poor except have sex tbh, that’s why my great grandmother had 14 kids. Poor people cannot afford contraception so you get more pore people, right?

So how do you intend to implement your controlled birth policies and keep the poor from reproducing?

Prevent economically unstable people from having sex? That’s a dangerous path and will end in violence one way or another.

Providing free contraception/abortions?That’s a government program and is gonna cost money, we all have to pay for as you said.

Also, remember how I said my great grandmother had 14 kids, and implied this was due in part to their poor economic situation?

Well, while I admit not all of the 14 children went on to be successful, about 80% of her grandchildren (there were a lot) ended up doing OK, and pretty much all of her great grandchildren have at least bachelors degrees and our own homes, and could generally be considered middle class, with a few that are easily “upper class” due to their wealth

Under your line of thinking, none of us would even exist, and to be quite honest I can almost guarantee that my highly financially successful cousins put far more into the system than you do.

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