Poor Working Memory A Barrier To Entry?

I know some people who record in class (if it's allowed), sometimes the teacher or just the rest of us practicing. It really depends on the academy I suppose, whether it's a thing people do or not, years ago I was just starting after a longer break at a different place and sort of had this problem actually, one day the teacher recorded us dancing the choreo we had practiced for a while and sent it to everyone. That was a big help because I was way too shy at like 14 to ask for anything myself haha

However it needs to be said that not all classes are just choreo learning (or shouldn't be, unless it's specifically choreo class) since you made a school allegory, depending on the style much of it is learning groove, technique, basic steps, freestyling with those and so on, and not all "sequences" are full out choreo, it can be a small routine as well where memorizing the exact order is less important than just practicing the moves and being able to adjust to different types of music. Only dancing choreo as a beginner wouldn't make a very good dancer over time I fear, there need to be basics properly covered first

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