Pope: It’s a ‘very grave sin’ for Catholics to try to convert Orthodox

Catholics have almost turned into a pagan religion and completely become disfigured and unidentifiable from what it once was . They've created a goddess for themselves with the immaculate conception. The Theotokos was born like us, like all of us but the Orthodox teach she used her free will and chose not to sin. She became an icon of what we all (who were born the same way) can strive to become (since we can't be like God because God is perfect). The Catholics removed that element and they've created two beings who were born without sin and they themselves (the Catholics) can never strive to be like, they'll always end up short.

Catholicism has changed so much over time, the original church which it once was is lost. Modernism crept in and destroyed it sadly. I know where God is but I don't know where He isn't so I don't condemn the Catholics, I just know I would never want to join them and I'll keep the mystical faith of the Orthodox which has a rich history and isn't quick to change.

Forgive me, God save us all.

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