Popular torrenting software µTorrent has included an automatic cryptocoin-miner in their latest update.

I've never had any problems with installers that attempt to fool the user while still technically allowing the installation of only the desired applicaton. Only true malware developed with the intent of outright lying about its functions has done this, in my experience, not this mere phishing that only harms those who let it. I use Windows, and while much of the software I use for personal and private applications is open source, I use some closed source software whose publishers I trust, including BitTorrent, the main client of the same company that owns uTorrent. While I think it a shame that so many closed source freewares try to be as tricky as possible in fooling the user into installing additional software, I have accepted it as a necessary evil, similarly to how if fools didn't click on phishing ads many websites might fail. I myself have never found the actual BitTorrent client to do anything outside what it is supposed to do and what it says it does (torrent torrents, seed, etc.) unless it sends information from my computer to an outside recipient that it is not supposed to at cleverly devised points I have not observed with network tools. These other programs, including the scandalous miner, are truly optional and the installer does indeed have (if very tiny) buttons to disable their installation and only install the client itself. I realize some people swear otherwise, but after hearing about this, testing it myself, seeing the epic scale offer hidden in the installer along with several other bits of spamware and declining them, and finding no miner on my filesystem after the installation I think I'll have to see it before I believe it. I am familiar with the response "oh, I can't have a virus, I didn't download anything!" when the user has clearly downloaded and installed many things, and I think this is merely the same situation happening to people who think they are immune to the phenomenon of unbelievably ignorace-bloated computer illiteracy. It's as simple as understanding exactly what you are doing when you are using a computer at all times; it takes a knowledge of how all parts of your computer's hardware and software work, but beyond that it's so simple and yet seemingly for so many people so impossible.

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