The population of the highlighted region (6.6 million) in the US has fewer people than New York City (8.5 million)

Yeah I wish I was still in a boring state. The cheapest rent around here went from $700/month to $1200/month in less than five years. And they're always unavailable. Like, literally always. So really you're looking at $1400 minimum for rent. And they aren't nice apartments, they're the same cheap places they just now cost more.

Many businesses around here can't afford to hire anyone. Like, you would have to pay what? At least $20/hr? Plus consistent 40 hours? So that rules out basically any basic/entry/minimum-wage job. Which is a lot of places.

And now traffic is like the cities, too. Highway is constantly bumper to bumper for literally as far as you can see. All the backroads are becoming mini-highways too. Zero infrastructure for pedestrians and jam-packed roads is not a good combo. You can just tell everyone is pissed off because of it.

This place is turning into the same shithole place that these people left. lol

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