Pornography use may be negatively impacting sexual satisfaction within marriages, according to a new study published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior

The title's pretty misleading. I mean, everyone's mileage is going to vary, but I think porn is only an issue if it stops a partner's needs from being met. It can be a really handy tool to fill the discrepancies in schedules or sex drives. If I'm not in the mood and my husband's horny, there's nothing wrong with him using porn to meet that need and we'll fuck later when we're both feeling it. If he's at work and I'm horny, there's nothing wrong with me watching porn and then jumping his bones when he gets home. Unless the anticipation is part of the experience, one partner's availability shouldn't stop their spouse from getting off. For me it's only an issue if someone is choosing porn over a willing spouse.

You could argue about unrealistic expectations, but porn is a fantasy. Rom coms give unrealistic expectations about romance and Marvel gives unrealistic expectations about radiation exposure. It's fantasy. Just communicate with your spouse. It's fun to talk about sex anyways.

Just my anecdotal experience.

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