Why is Porter Robinson's "Worlds" and Madeon's "Adventure" considered good?

Synthpop seems to be in again, and each artist has built up acclaim based on previous efforts with (subjectively) above the cut dance tracks to bring a certain level of hype to their albums. Now, Porter's main selling point was a major change to 'reinvent EDM', which of course got people to build up an insane amount of expectations for what this album would be. The edge to Worlds is probably what also caught people on; distorted synths and sharp production made people coming from the typical dance scene enjoy it, and the floaty vocals and themes of escapism brought fans in of traditonal synthpop. All in all, a decent album for what it is, but almost bears little difference from an M83 album in what it aims to 'redefine'. Not being critical, just stating it's not the godsend of music some people so claim.

Madeon has a knack for a uniquely French sound and stellar production as well that carried over fans from Pop Culture, to The City, Technicolour, and now this album. This I would is stuck in a place between Worlds and Zedd's Clarity, in that it is much more radio friendly (without Porter's theme of weaboo apocalypse, jk) but still has the Madeon-istic progressions and synthwork that didn't leave fans thirsting for Shave It Up: The Album. Synthpop all the same, again. I think much of mainstream electronic music has just hit a phase where there's a view that much of festival music has stagnated, and people are looking towards their artisrs to complete albums in order to 'mature their sound', or even just look for this type of music as an easy listening, but thematical experience (no, that doesn't mean that these albums are not complex in their own ways, just accessible and that plays into their appeal). Clarity did well in mainstream charts because it was pop centered, but didn't appeal to electronic fans because it was not de facto Zedd, despite doing much of what Worlds did in abandoning the expected sounds of Porter, and Madeon's album did in appealing to a poppier sound. But each of these albums do carry some aspect of a theme, or commentary on music, or aspect of sound maturation, whether its Porter's embrace of happy distro-synths, or Madeon's high-scale french pop style.

TL;DR, People know Madeon and Porter, both make thematic synthpop albums that brings in both fans of electronic music and pop; appeals to tiring festival oriented music and proposes emotional melodic pop and a 'maturation' (that's subjective of course, depends on how you view pop and a debut album) of sound to counteract it.

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