[Portfolio] Interface Developer

I feel like there's a huge disconnect between your interface and the information you're providing. Yes, the moving polygon shape is cool and the transition of the moving background as well but really, there's no connection between that and your portfolio. In the end, it's just oh look, I can do neat things and not really any showcase of your skills as a UI designer. In fact, I believe that it's a hindrance in showcasing your talent. To me, this is like the visual version of using buzzwords in a conversation to try to show others that you're just as smart as them. I know it's harsh but that's my opinion.

If I was you, I'd go back and create a more user-friendly UI. When I first saw your page, I didn't know what I was suppose to do or where to click. It said drag here but using firefox, wouldn't allow me to drag anything and I ended up just clicking. When I got to your portfolio, all it ended up being was some links on the side and when I clicked on it, the background did the transition and then a white box with text appeared. Not very original in my opinion.

My suggestion would be if you're going to keep that layout, at least make the box appear higher, i.e. take up the whole vertical space. Put an image at the top of the project and then the description of the project below. Make it so that there's smaller images below a larger image so I have the option to click on those if I want to view more. This is just how I would approach it and not how you would want to do it but I definitely suggest play around with a more user-friendly UI. Use the WebGL UI as a project in your portfolio to show yes, I can do this because in my opinion, it's actually hurting your chances.

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