They say Portland is in a housing emergency. I spoke to some homeless folks to get their perspective, and unsurprisingly, it's a struggle to survive each day for them.

There's just no data to prove my hypothesis though.

There's data. It's just a crap hypothesis.

People have right to move around, even if homeless. You're asking an inconsequential question (like elsewhere in this thread where you demand that a homeless woman explain her plan to end homelessness).

But there's data. Arrest records, for example.

But while there's an opioid epidemic, you worry that people move here to save money on heroin?

While jails are full, you worry that penalties aren't harsh enough?

When a homeless woman doesn't have a plan to end homelessness, that's your cue to stop caring?

The circlejerk sounds exactly like it did ten years ago. When are you gonna get a real hypothesis?

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