Portland, OR protestors laying on the bridge for 8:43 for George Floyd during a BLM Protest

Dude this is nice and all but I hate this narrative. The whole world sat inside for two and a half months and cancelled all it’s plans till next year.

I’m not against protesting in the least, nor against racial justice. As a young person who still goes to work, I’ve been uber vigilant about not getting the disease to protect the older coworkers and want to eventually see my parents again.

Not to mention what the virus does to the body. Permanently scars your lung tissue? And we’re all going to risk that for a protest? It’s so heavy morally.

My roommates decided to go. Should I just get the virus now? Should I just go and protest? The people at work I’m most worried about are dumb enough to not wear their mask because they aren’t forced. Should I just involuntarily risk their life? Societally, it makes you feel really guilty to not be out there showing support with everyone.

Thirty years down the road your kids will ask if you protested? “Nope, sorry I was at work and there was a pandemic,” won’t sound that good.

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