Is Portland, OR as weird as people make it out to seem?

I agree. Ive lived in portland my whole life, and I'd say peak weird was like 2010-2013. AFter that, the city blew up and "keep portland weird" became less of a culture, and more of a contest to see who can be the weirdest while citing portland as being weird. It used to be full of legitimate weird people, now its a bunch of transplants who want to be weird "forthe culture" so to speak.

A lot of what made portland weird and what formed that weirdness is gone- Inner SE was where my sister and I ran a bike shop and that area esssentially embodied the wierd. Its been all pushed out- fancy breweries and coffee shops, schnazzy architectural hotels and apartments, etc etc.

Don't get me wrong- its cool. Places I used to go I would be on edge cause of how shady the area was, thats not the case anymore. But like the "Weird"" stuff of Portland? Seems gone, or at least, seems faked these days.

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