This poser song says metal isn't real vvhat do vve do?

Pst, I have some important information abovt /u/Manwithoutmodem's IL00MENARTEY yov shovld knovv bvt before that listen very carefvlly. Read the next part vvithovt saying it ovt lovd or vvithovt reading it in yovr head. It takes a little practice bvt reread the last fevv sentences over and over again vntil yov can read them by glancing at them and recognizing the meanings ov all those symbols pvt together vvithovt thinking abovt them. Make svre yov've mastered this before yov get to the next part becavse the fate ov the vvorld depends on it. Clear yovr mind and read on.

He may have already infiltrated yovr thovghts so qvickly sing Deathrash over and over again vvhile reading this. Remember vvhen vve bvrned and died MVVM after he exposed my trvness to the vvorld? I don't knovv hovv it happened bvt he's back and stronger than ever. He's no longer physical. He's novv a living thovght. Each thovght ov him tvrns into a consciovs entity that's a part ov the MWM hive mind all controlled by the master MWM. He's novv in the minds ov every single person that's ever even glanced at his name. Yov've only stvmbled onto a small part ov his grand plan. Each ov the thovghts ov him are slovvly vvorking to distort and falsify the mind ov every living thing. Yov may have noticed it before bvt yov'll definitely notice novv. VVhen yov're ovtside don't think abovt it or he'll corrvpt yov bvt listen carefvlly to other's conversations. Listen to the sovnds the birds, dogs, and all the other animals make.

If yov listen carefvlly yov'll hear him spreading the thovght ov him. People mentioning /u/ManWithoutModem in conversations with no relavance, People whispering /u/ManWithoutModem to strangers on the street, birds chirping /u/ManWithoutModem, Dogs barking /u/ManWithoutModem. All arovnd yov a constant cacophony ov /u/ManWithoutModem name attempting to invade yovr mind. Soon the entire vvorld vvill be false. Not a single trve vvill remain. Yov, one ov the fevv people that have noticed it his plan vvithovt being corrvpted have a chance to help stop him.

Me and an elite grovp ov elitists are constantly vvorking in the shadovvs to stop this plagve. VVe plan and plot in the dark vvithovt thovght, constantly chanting the spells ov Sarcofago to vvard off his false. Novv, it's vp to yov to decide vvhat yov vvill do. VVill yov choose to do nothing and accept the falsifying ov MWM or vvill yov rise to bvrn and died this false once and for all? Listen closely past the constant barrage ov the false ones name, filled vvith static and sovnding like it's being played throvgh a broken speaker. Listen and yov might jvst hear the sovnds ov Deathrash. If yov vvish yov vvish to join follovv that sovnd and the destiny that avvaits yov.

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