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/u/xNocturnalKittenX and u/crazyheather and u/Laajuk

I didn't know other posters here had a similar issue to mine.

My gf has the perfect bum, but I have an average sized penis. Some positions don't work out too well for us like spooning.

Here are some of the things we've had to discover the hard way

My personal position modifications

Face Down Ass Up

  • this position is a favorite of mine. It gives me the perfect view and the I feel like I can go pretty deep. The problem is that I have below average girth so when I penetrate it creates a vacuum and she gets air into her which is painful.

  • traditional position (Nsfw), note the positioning of the legs of both individuals Basset Hound/ Face down ass up

  • Fix To combat the lack of girth and size what we did was that we had her close her legs so that my legs were on the outside of hers. This makes her tighter and there is a less likely chance of air getting in.

  • (nsfw) Legs are outside of hers now Turtle/legs outside hers

  • Variation of face down ass up with you squatting over her Squatting over her when she has the face down ass up

Keys to rear entry if she is on her hands and knees

Head and shoulders above the butt

  • in general if the woman's head and shoulders are above or at the same level as her butt when doing rear entry (if she is on her hands and knees), there is a less likely chance to get air into her. She doesn't even have to close her legs. Just remember this. Ladies, Arch your back. Or men just pull her hair (with consent) and get her to arch her back* This gets her shoulders and head at the same level as her butt

Face to Face

** Legs up on your shoulders Missionary**

  • The standard missionary position is alright but with the woman's legs over your shoulders you can go deeper.

  • tips for this: you can push and make her support most of your weight by leaning down into her or you can have her legs over your shoulders while having her butt under your knees, aiming at the belly button to hit the g spot. another thing is you can have one leg over your shoulder (left or right) while rubbing her clit. Pillow under the butt is good too so it'll be easier to hit the gspot.

  • Nsfw modified missionary with weight on her

  • nsfw modified missionary with her butt on your knee

  • can also be done over the edge of a table or bed

Coital Alignment Technique

  • this position is good for clitoral stimulation. and feels very tight for both individuals. guys, be careful that you don't get too hard into it and crack your suspensory ligament. this makes your dick stay up when you get an erection.

  • how do you get into this? Start in standard missionary. Have her bring one leg between yours and then the other. Then she brings both legs together. the motion is up and down not in and out. See the diagram below

  • nsfw Coital Alignment

Her on her side/pretzel

  • Have her get on her side. with one leg and knee higher up, straddle her leg. this position allows deep penetration.

  • nsfw pretzel

Aim for the Belly Button

  • in general aiming for the belly button in any position or orientation makes it easier to hit the gspot

To get a more girthy feeling for her

A helpful link from the FAQ diagrams of positions for smaller guys

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