Is a possible Archie/Val reunion or Archie/Josie coupling in the works?

Anything on Riverdale? –Rebecca During our recent visit to the set, Ashleigh Murray teased, “There are things coming up for Josie’s love life, which I am excited about. That’s all I can really say because we’re only just now kind of broaching that, but there’s definitely going to be some tangible lovey-ness happening this year.”

At least from the timing of her comments and KJ Apa's, it feels like they're starting some kind of Archie and Josie storyline. They just finished filming 3x12 for which the script cover is a comic book image of Archie and Valerie singing on stage together, but within the context of the actual episode it's probably meant to represent Archie and Josie since I see no signs of a Valerie return.

If this is what they're doing, I can see a scenario where Archie and Veronica attempt to rekindle once Archie is back in Riverdale, but things for whatever reason aren't the same, Archie is in a dark place as KJ Apa said, and Josie is who pulls him out via their shared passion of music, which may or may not lead into something more.

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