possible to use blink, somehow, without a subscription fee ?

I would see this a little differently. If the cameras talk to the sync module and the sync module talks to the server/cloud to write the clips and direct traffic, and the server/ cloud can send all the clips to the sync module from the server/cloud once a day to the usb port, how hard would it be to send the clips to the sync module usb port more than once a day, say near real time. I don't think that's a big change, if all communication flows that way. From the cameras to the sync module to the server and back. It must currently exist to be able to record to the server and to dump the files at the end of the day. I think the server/cloud does a little more than just hold the clips, it must do things like validate cameras to a sync module, etc. Who knows maybe next year we can all get in on the class action lawsuit on what constitutes local storage..ha ha.

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