Possible correlation between SR and hostility?

Most definitely,

women notice me more (IE holding doors open for me, staring, giving me “fuck me eyes” , and generally going out of their way to talk to me) ,

guys are way more aggressive , it’s the pheromones imo. I notice I smell more, my voice got deeper so I seem more dominant . Men get jealous of me for stupid stuff.. such as women speaking to me randomly or if I do something right that they get wrong. (Not bragging just saying - usually they don’t even notice, but it’s like I’m competition to them or some shit it’s weird asf.)

They always try to argue now over stupid shit aswell.

We will go back and forth bc I know I’m right but they insist they are, then I prove them I’m right and they get BIG MAD.

I like to think of it as becoming an alpha male and confident . The ones who don’t retain their life force (semen) are generally insecure and that comes out.

Alpha male beta male status.

Lions fighting over who’s king . Etc.

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