Possible exit Scam..

I just placed my third order with THG. The first two went perfectly; quality was stellar, shipping time as promised, communication excellent, and he seems like a very nice, conscientious guy, but I'm a little worried about the third order I just placed. Here's why:

  1. I placed my order very early this morning (3am pacific time Tues. - his time), and asked that it be overnighted to me for Wed. am. THG overnighted my last order, and he informed me that he offers overnight shipping on all his products even if the option isn't available in the drop down menu. After trying to get on the site for several days, I was finally able to place the order. I selected 2 day priority because it was the only option, asked THG to overnight the product for Wed. am because I've been without for several days due to the site being down. I told him to feel free to lighten the bag to compensate for the extra shipping cost, and FE'd immediately as requested.

  2. As of now, (9:30pm pacific time), my order is still in the "pending" stage. I sent a message to THG asking if he'd shipped the product overnight at 4:30pm pacific time today, and I've received no response (no communication whatsoever from THG since the order was placed).

  3. Here's the worst part: I checked his vendor page, and it states that he was last seen 1 day ago. Anyone please correct me if I'm wrong, but this means he most likely hasn't even seen my order yet, so I don't think anything is going to arrive tomorrow (Wed.). This sucks major elephant phallus for reasons I'm sure you are all well aware, especially because now my bitcoin is tied up (hopefully not lost forever) so I can't buy from another vendor.

I really hope all is well, and the worst thing that happens is I have to spend one more day suffering acute anxiety attacks (which still sucks enough in and of itself), but this is highly uncharacteristic of THG, (like throwaway249523 stated, "if he is exit scamming then I wouldn't trust anyone"), so I'm afraid the OP's warnings may be valid.

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