Is it possible for a guy to be attractive but not be successful at online dating?

This will be long. I fucking loathe online dating.

I'm not going to sit here and say I'm super attractive, but I have attractive qualities, and I'm told quite often that I'm good looking. I'll just say I'm not bad to look at. I decided to try online dating because it was something I didn't have to put too much effort in to, and I could see who around me was single.

I figured I'd put some effort in to making my profile. Tried to get my points across, be funny, and in depth without dragging it out. Now I'm not saying I expect everyone to do this, but 80% of profiles at least where I live are about women wanting "country boys" ..They build up some idea in their head that there are a bunch of guys out there in white v necks wearing wrangler jeans and steel toe boots who do nothing but mudding and hunting in their free time. Oh, and they have to love country music, that's a fucking must. There is no variety. Then you'll get the "if you want to know more about me just ask" shit. No, fucking take 20 minutes to write about yourself you selfish pig. They're always boring when you talk to them, but that should be apparent by their lack of effort on their profile. Then you get the profiles that simply have a quote and 15 times out of 10 that quote will be the "if you can't handle me at my worst, you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best" shit. Anyway.. moving on.

As for the different types of girls you'll find on an online dating site..

  • Fat girls who will say they're "curvy and have a bubbly personality". They also never forget to mention they're a fucking hoot to be with.
  • Fat girls who know they're fat but will try to deceive you. Their logic is that if they woo you with their personality you'll be able to see around their very round bodies. Yes I made a joke. These ones piss me off the most because my profile specifically says "Not in to heavy set women, looking for a girl who shares similar interests and life values. Fitness is a priority!" and despite that being in the very first paragraph of my profile they will message me any way and try to pull their shit. Thing is their pictures are so carefully picked out to the point that you actually think they're attractive. It's when you see them in person, or facebook that you're like ahh, the ol' swine tricked me.
  • Girls who are maybe a 5 on the street at any given time. They aren't ugly, but they aren't turning heads either. Because of how many men are on dating sites, these girls are prime for picking, and will get messaged by so many fucking guys their egos shoot through the god damn roof and into space. These fuckers won't give you the time of day if your life depends on it.
  • Girls who are somewhat attractive but have no personality. You need to carry the conversation 110%. It's not even human how boring these people are. *Crazy chicks, but they're not exclusive to online dating.

There are more, but these fall into the main categories.

Long story short, men do not win with online dating. Too much to put up with, not worth the effort. Tinder is an exception if you want to consider it online dating.

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