Is it possible/legal to have no federal and state withholding tax through out the year and pay it im full come tax time?

Yes, you’re correct. If you got a refund it was basically money that the government held and you didnt get any interest on it. If you have a job and have regular income you can do what you said. If you have a business and have to make an estimated tax payment. It’s usually when it’s over a certain limit. Look it up.

It’s perfectly logical in a mathematical point of view. The problem is the real world doesnt only run on math. most folks usually end up spending that money and cant cough up a couple of hundred to a couple thousand when tax is due. I try to make mine close to 0 as possible. I actually got close this year, only underpaid by $15 so i had to pay $15. Last year i got a ~$100 refund and 2 years before that i had to pay ~$200. If you can handle your money well then that’s fine. If you cant that little extra you’re trying to save will come biting you in the ass when you cant pay it and the interest starts burying you. Also you cant file bankruptcy on a government debt to make it go away. It’s just like school loans. So you better be damn sure you can pay when the tax is due. This isnt advice just info.

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