Is it possible to play on a high level with a very low sensitivity in LoL?

I like how you take what I say to an extreme, even though I said you can play at whatever SENSITIVITY, makes you feel comfortable.

yeah i'm saying you're wrong. what's comfortable is sometimes wrong. leaning back on your chair with your arm extended playing at 400dpi using mostly your shoulder might be comfortable. but it's fucking trash technique. it's not an extreme. it's an example of how what you're saying doesn't make sense.

Guessing you have reading comprehension problems.

no you're saying play at whatever makes you comfortable and i'm saying i disagree because what is comfortable can be bad technique and inefficient for that particular game.

Also, you’re talking out of your ass. Literally just parroting what you heard without any actual knowledge behind it.

no it's the opposite. i'm talking purely out of experience and testing over 20+ years. i'm 30 years old. i originally come from fps games like CS and quake as well similar to this guy so i know exactly where he's coming from.

In every game people usually just copy someone else’s settings, but there are people who are good with completely different settings.

no one is saying to copy someones exact settings. this is a strawman. we are acknowledging there are different trends for league compared to counter-strike and there is nothing wrong with this. there is good reason for the difference and it is because the mouse movements on avg are completely different. the reason there are different trends is easily explained by these differences.

if 400 dpi is the most comfortable for someone then they have the same potential to reach challenger regardless

then what is stopping someone from claiming 200 dpi is the most comfortable for someone? what about 100dpi? there is obviously a cutoff and there is a reason basically no one plays at 400dpi @ 1080p in league - because it's extremely inefficient given the type of mouse movements in this game and long term will cause injury.

The fact you think that someone has to triple their dpi to be good is stupid information.

they might be able to make 800dpi work but even that is still really inefficient. how do i know? because i went through the same process as this guy. low sens for league is trash because it takes too much effort and will give you injuries. your wrist and fingers are much better for your normal mouse movements. you can still use your arm for camera control but constantly making these wide movements with your shoulder and elbow is just plain bad technique.

sometimes, there is just a better method and better technique for a certain sport or activity and there is good reason for it. in leagues case, using your wrist and fingers is more ergonomic than using your shoulder and elbow. that's just the reality and that's why the trends are the way they are.

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