Possible to re-roll Attributes? (via Mods etc)

I dont think youve read the IE mod stuff properly.

Respec your party members (This console commands requires the IE Mod to be installed.) This console command allows you to respec yourself or your party members (drops them to level 0 and allows you to relevel them up), or you can do the same thing, but also change their class. Changing the class is optional.

The console command is: ChangeClass <name> <Class> As always, you must find the ingame name of your characters using the "FindCharacter name". So let's say you want to respec your companion called "BB Wizard". Type in "FindCharacter Wizard". You'll get something like Companion_BB_Wizard(Clone)_4 in the console. This is the name you should use.

** Now do ChangeClass Companion_BB_Wizard(Clone)_4 Wizard - your companion will fall down to level 0 and you'll be able to level him up differently from how he was. **

Or type ChangeClass Companion_BB_Wizard(Clone)_4 Fighter - and he'll turn into a level 0 fighter instead.

Warning: do not attempt to transition/quit/save game while your character is level 0. You need to level him up first. It removes all talents and abilities, except racial ones and except Watcher's abilities, but that last part is not entirely true. I haven't progressed deep enough into the story to find all Watcher abilities, so it only makes an exception for Crucible_of_the_Soul. I will include others as I discover them, but for now you will lose them if you're going to respec your main character. You can get them back through the AddAbility console command, so it's not a problem. Note that you will also lose your abilities gained through equipment, but you will regain them as soon as you reload your save. Exercise caution with this console command, consider it experimental.

Just dont change class, drop to lvl 1 and respec attributes.

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