Is it possible it’s already been circulating and been mistaken for the flu?

Anecdotal Musings Warning I was thinking that. I had this talk with my wife and mother-in-law yesterday. All the immediate family had flu shots. Father-in-law and mother-in-law(both had pneumonia vaccines btw) both were sick with respiratory problems mid-January. Father-in-law just dropped dead while driving last week of January. Mother-in-law finally went back to doctor a few days after that because my wife was freaking out. Doctor took x-rays and confirmed pneumonia, She took some medication he prescribed along with Mucinex. Wife's sister also had some respiratory infection with cough. Mid February my wife came down with a low fever and "chest cold". She just went with Mucinex and it got better. It took her about three weeks to feel better. I started feeling like crap last weekend. Been having a slight fever, cough, and headaches(probably from coughing). Three days ago my chest felt real achy. The ache you have if you have had bronchitis or worse. Fortunately that only lasted about 48 hours. Fever is gone today but I still feel like crap. Mother-in-law is still recovering.

btw - Wife's niece is a critical care nurse working in a local intensive care unit. Maybe there is something to the op's post. Maybe all this is coincidence or synchronicity.

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