Is it possible to be too high status for some women?

This is unlikely. These women are either A: Being polite to you by letting you off easy. Or B: You are good looking, but somehow you've managed to ruin any opening you've had by bad game through chatting.

For A: Women will sometimes give men their phone numbers, even if they have no intention of speaking with them again. Some men are hard to get rid of, its much easier to give them what they want (the phone number) and get away while they still can. It's extremely easy for a woman to ignore you through texting, all she has to do is not respond. However, it's hard to ignore someone in person, so they just gave you their number.

For B: Maybe these women were initially interested in you. Maybe you appear confident and have good looks. But somewhere along the way, you ruined the image these women had of you. It could be that you gave up some serious "creeper" vibes through texting or messaging these women. This is why TRP suggests you keep texting/online interaction to logistics online. If you get their number or match on OKC set up a date and be done with it.

Some tips: If you're setting up a date, remember that you don't want to ask them out. This is relative to stepping in their frame. Try phrasing it as you're doing something you enjoy and you're inviting them along with you. Maybe you're going to see one of your favorite live bands play at a bar downtown, bring her along. This is displaying high value to a woman.

  1. Take a serious look at yourself. I've met plenty of guys that give the impression I got from you. They thought they were ugly, then one or two HB6's approach them and they all the sudden are convinced they are walking sex. So they approach woman after woman wondering why nothings working, only to come to the conclusion that you're way out of their league. This is silly. 99% of these men I've met are extremely weird individuals. They're good people, and they mean well, but they're completely out of touch with reality and severely lack the ability to identify social cues. I would try touching up on those. Maybe get an honest opinion from a friend.

  2. Your opener. An opening line (especially online) can make or break the interaction. Saying "hi, hey, or hello" is just plain boring. Women meet plenty of guys a day on these dating sites. You need to set yourself apart from the crowd, make yourself memorable in her eyes. After all, these websites give women all the leverage, you need to immediately display higher value to them to set the pace of the interaction and give her an understanding that she's not talking to some beta chump, instead she's talking to a man who's confident in himself. I know a few months back some members posted a FR on their opening lines for tinder/OKC. Most of them were really funny and got a lot of good results, try and find it.

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