[Possible Trigger, Venting] I feel so fucking useless at this job

Please know that I sincerely appreciate the work that you do. You don’t just deliver junk mail. As a team you guys help my father (who is sickly) get access to medications, appointment related supplies, etc. you literally help my father to keep living! And personally, if it weren’t for you guys, there’d be no Christmas. The PO employees are the REAL Santa’s. The ones that should be decorated and appreciated. Working ON Christmas Eve! Your job does SO much for SO many. Sacrificing time with their own family to provide a service for others. It is a sacrifice. One that is not appreciated enough.

It is easy to sit and complain about missing mail (and I’ll admit, in light of all the delays I’ve found myself frustrated) but I NEVER hold the individual mail carrier responsible. The hard part is being the one who is sorting through all of it, delivering all of it. Putting the time and energy into getting the job done.

You are appreciated!!!! ♥️

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