Possibly unpopular opinion: Netflix could pay to show/support a lot more, higher quality shows and films if they got rid of the tons of crappy Asian movies and shows.

But they do content lock. It’s why so many Canadians get the us codes to unlock American Netflix content. It’s almost doubled than what we have.

Even if they had a model similar to what you go through when you first sign up, where you pick shows and genres that interest you, it would be nice to have a few check boxes to limit suggested content from genres or whatever that you have zero interest in. Or even putting them in their own genre. Like Bollywood or Asian films as their own genre rather than lumping them in with comedies or romance. I don’t mind scrolling past 10-15 Kung fu or Bollywood films. But when I’m scrolling past 50+ Bollywood movies in the comedy section, it’s too much and makes me give up on looking in that genre altogether. I’m sure I’m not the only one who just gives up scrolling which ultimately limits what I’ll discover anyways.

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