Post 7.12 Kindred Feedback

@ TheMeta88, elevendytwo,

Hello again. Please, open an Post 7.13 Kindred feedback. I still didn`t tried, but follows concerns from players and streamers (high elo ones):

Post 7.13 Kindred Feedback? So ... can we talk?

Giving a feed back from players and streamers (didn`t try Kindred yet):

Q - It is OK

W- It is useless - Don't have damage (even wolf attack speed was not improved)

E - It is OK

1 - Mark is useless - Even with the first 4 marks, Kindred are still without damage. Better not risk taking the marks because it's not worth risking. You easily is ganked and frustraded by the enemy team.

Fix: Kindred should be compensed with attack damage or attack speed, to solve this problem.

Most of feedback is, Kindred are not more fun, and turned a champion just to protect their team, doesn`t have none impact in game, even in jungle.

To be useful to your team you will need to forget the marks. (They really don't care more about the marks. They are very sad about that. They don't care anymore).

Kindred also are far enough to be a jungler.

What they think?

That Riot is trying to make Kindred, a marksman, but seems a "support" champion. (? - Don't make sense) In this way, Kindred are not prepared to be used in competitions too.

Checkout the streamers to see for yourselves.

Seems you are so affraid to bring them to meta, that each rework or buff, make them more ... weird ... weak. Because you are very affraid to make Kindred strong, that is better to make Kindred weak.

As the comment above:


"Too many changes, i don't really know how you know this changes wouldn't make them super op or complete garbage."

Well ... now we know what happened..

redKind is right :

Attack Damage Growth: 2.26 ⇒ 2.35 Attack Delay/Attack Speed Offset: 0 ⇒ -0.05 Movement Speed: 325 ⇒ 335

(Everything else is just pushing it)

Now, the W has been spoiled.

Tell what you found ... I will give a try late (I'm at work).

P.S.: Take care Riot. Games are made to be fun, even in championships.

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