A post about a marriage on the brink, real kindness, and rejecting the red pill.

Not really. Women actually have a very small role and part in my ‘worldview’ if you’re going to use the term with definitional fidelity.

I am mostly a libertarian in my ‘worldview’ and value freedom more than anything else – hence why I believe the less the state has an influence on people’s lives, the better (women disproportionately have the opposite tendency, actually, they want more of the state in order to enforce their preferences and interests). However, I do refuse to compromise an inch on truth, and like to see the world as it is no matter how unpalatable it may be.

The trends being as they are, I recognize that I, along with an ever-increasing proportion of western men, have much, much more to lose from marriage than to gain from it. Therefore, the rational conclusion is that marriage would be an imprudent decision for me to make. I also have no interest in being special guy number 17 who she decided to settle down for his ‘financial stability.’ Ultimately, these considerations have ruled out a majority of western women with the standard feminist values for me, I don’t have any particular grievances about it, it just means that I will probably be looking for an East-Asian woman if I do decide to pursue a relationship.

The social values of the west are toward hedonism and is, for the most part, incompatible with stoicism as a way of life. Of course we can pervert things however much we like to fit with our current lifestyles so that we can cherry-pick what suits us and derive the benefit of association – these days you can be a Christian even if you believe Jesus was a fiction and in the same vein, according to some of the threads on this subreddit, you can claim to be a stoic even if you’re a sex-worker. But I follow the stoic way of life being the whole life-hack stuff and am going to follow them in considering promiscuity a vice.

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