Post AEW Dynamite Weekly Discussion - October 30th, 2019

5 weeks in, if there was a weird off killer Dynamite to take a massive Game 7 World Series hit in the ratings, it's this one. Even tho I liked the last hour, it was a very....odd two hours. The entire card was all squash jobber matches that went on to long, but I was truly shocked SCU won. I thought for sure Lucha Bros were locks to win. Best match of the night, so I'm glad it went on last. Wasn't really into P'n'P attacking both Rock N Roll Express and Young Bucks, felt kind of forced. I think it's clear that Orange Cassidy is one of the top guys over in the company, and even I can't explain it.

I normally am so-so on the WWE references, but if anyone with a live mic could have blasted Vince Mcmahon, Haitch and WWE it was Moxley. His promo was so so, loved the Tony Khan/Moxley cold open exchange more. The long limo ride of Schiavone and Cody reminded me of that Seinfeld limo episode.

Omega is my absolute favorite wrestler of the last decade, but who was he cosplaying? Was that the NJPW Tiger logo in Game Boy pixel format? Was Omega suppose to be Jason Vorhees from the 1989 NES Friday the 13th Game or 1988 NEC Turbo Grafx/PC-FX Splatterhouse game?

Was bummed virtually noone in the audience was dressed up for Halloween, but I'm glad AEW is making big inroads with the deep south. A lot of people speculated the oddball weirdo muppet caravan of AEW wouldn't be accepted everywhere, but I feel AEW is recreating some of the old school WCW/Jim Crocket/NWA territory era just with younger weirder talent. Was shocked Jericho got massive boos, Cody is over as freaking Hogan, everyone loves Orange Cassidy, and the crowd seemed divided on SCU and Lucha Underground. And that Shanna wrestler from Portugal/France was pretty cool, why does she have a single name WWE Diva era name? She should have her real name or something. "Shanna"? Just use your full real name or a cool name.

Was hoping MJF would cut a nuclear promo on the deep south crowd, but that might have been too easily.

WTF is up with that cryptic dark occult ritual Brandi/Aweome Kong vignette? That was some 2017 Lucha Underground/2018 Impact sort of stuff. Tho I am all for various darker esoteric factions forming in AEW as long as it doesn't go full goth 1999 WWE.

The highest praise for this episode has to be for the two cold opens. The private plane/limo ride is a total call back to 1996/1997 WCW Nitro, and the Moxley/Tony Khan locker room spat is a call back to classic Attitude Era Raw. Freaking amazing AEW is listening to the fans who want MORE backstage/promo content as long its not the embarrassing scripted clown garbage of WWE

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