Post-Episode Discussion: S03E10 - The Rickchurian Mortydate (Season 3 Finale)

Most of your post is just apologia for the writers having no idea wtf they are doing most of the time. I can appreciate them acknowledging it, but you shouldn't have to go see a shitty interview outside the show for things the show does within itself. Especially not to accept that the finale was somehow not disappointing because apparently everybody got wrong the fact that we had built up and in reality, the build-up wasn't there even though we can clearly see the build up in every. single. episode. Be it a build-up to a confrontation with Evil Morty, be it a confrontation between Rick and his Morty, be it a confrontation in the family, etc. Instead, we got nothing. All the character development is gone and in it's place we have... Beth knowing that she has a meaningless life that is the exact same as Season 1?

This wasn't a build up to evil Morty(unless you're following the c-137 Morty's maturing in season 3 Is building to evil Morty theory in which case sorry. That is a game of thrones style theory)

And I didn't say that, not even close. We can have build up for a confrontation with evil morty or even hints about what he's doing without turning it into the terrible C-137 Morty is everyone theories.

The thing is, we had a complete season's build up with Rick destroying the citadel, Morty becoming more and more violent, the revelation of the Memory Erasure, Beth becoming more like Rick, Summers becoming more like Rick, Morty becoming more like Rick, etc. It was a setup that everybody expected because they kept making things that followed the structure for it. At this point it feels like they didn't follow up with what they were establishing not because they had other ideas, but because they didn't have enough time or just wanted to troll the fans, which is just not good enough, not even close.

''Lol, look at our fans, they actually love and think about our show, let's troll them.''

I can appreciate subtle stuff to throw fans off, but when it's just blatant I hate it. Especially when they end up with a weak finale that feels like a bad ''knock Knock'' joke. We have the setup, the build-up, etc, but they just decided to omit the punchline.

One simple change would have made a world of difference. Put the Citadel episode at the end, as the finale. Nobody would have felt cheated and it would have set up tension for next season.

With the end we have now what is exactly the reason to be interested in next season?

The jokes? Yeah, they are good, but there's a dozen other shows you can watch for as good or better jokes.

The family? Jerry is a bastard who keeps acting like he's not evil even though this season established that he's not just dumb, he is evil. Putting the blame on his childen, etc, yet the finale acts like the family is back together and that's a good thing.

Anyway, enough rambling from me, this box is too small for me to write in properly and see my whole text so I'll summarize like this:

-I'm disappointed that the show spent so long establishing elements that never paid off. None of it did. Instead, they joke about going back to season 1 streamlined and it doesn't sound like a joke, it's Harmmon and Roiland realizing season 3 was too hard for them to write and they fucked up.

-I wish the show would stop building up and eventually pay off any of its elements.

-The finale wasn't a good finale by any means. It didn't set up for the next season, it didn't resolve any of the plots, it just suddenly forced a resolution that even Harmmon admitted wasn't the plan.

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