Post Game chat after i killed all 4 survivours..

I play a lot of killer, and I just don't understand getting pissed off at pallet looping.

If they're constantly running a building with double-windows like Fractured Cowshed or Wretched Shop that can irritate me a bit. But even then I recognize that it's a strong spot for survivors and they're just playing to win.

But at the same time, I don't get irritated at killers who camp/patrol when it's clear that 2 or more of the other survivors are coming for the save. Sure it's not as fun for me to die on first hook or get tunneled off the hook, but in that scenario its a strong move for the killer and he's just playing to win.

Conversely, I do appreciate survivors and killers who understand that, while strong, some things are very un-fun for the other side and try to avoid them.

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