[Post Game Thread] Arkansas defeats Kentucky 81-80

LOL not trying to name drop but I'm just going to use this to disprove your point. I grew up around both Fulkerson who's at Tennessee and Makale Foreman who's at California. I know Keon, Jaden and Drew from UT as well. Ques Glover from Florida. Played with McClung in highschool. Played with another dude who's at Elon. I'm cool with multiple Louisville players as well. I could keep going but it'd be a pretty decent paragraph. I root for them as the players though. They're my guys. We work out together play against each other and pick up and stuff like that and I've seen the work they put in. I don't really root for a team. Which is why I said I hurt for the players not Kentucky in general and to see them struggling right now sucks. Obviously not saying the other team should just go and lose lol. It'd be like one of your homies losing a fight. Obviously the other guy shouldn't just walk out and get knocked out because he's got homies rooting for him too. But it sucks to see your homie get knocked out. Same principle.

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