[Post Game Thread] The Golden State Warriors defeat the Los Angeles Lakers 111-99

Poole had a really strong finish to last season. I can honestly say a lot of Warriors fans have been expecting a breakout, to the point where it was a big meme in the offseason. He looks like a legit cornerstone now.

What's exciting for me beyond that is the additions of Iguodala, Porter, and Bjelica. Obviously some injury questions with that group, but the spacing and veteran savvy they can provide can really elevate this Warriors team next season if the stars are healthy.

The "5 All-Stars" stuff was so heavily memed when the Warriors had Steph/Klay/KD/Dray/Cousins that people sort of overlooked how horrific their bench had become. It was a strong point in the first title run (2015) but had become a total wasteland by the time they lost to the Raps (2019).

This is the first season where they have a proper bench since like 2017 maybe, and that should make a big difference. Obviously a lot can happen with injuries, but I would not sleep on this GSW team.

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