[Post Game Thread] Trail Blazers (23-31) fall to the Celtics (34-19) 120-111

lmao wtf when did the spurs tank?? that one year back in 96 to get Tim? They were decent throughout the 90s before pop. then they got tim and pop and now we have the ever consistent spurs that we see today. Spurs are also leagues ahead of Portland in terms of the whole franchise.

Sixers core does not impress me. I guess i would agree they are one of the best young cores, but all i really see as a direct comparison is the lakers and they are pretty much rebuilding faster than the sixxers are, which is a shock.

im not sure what hinkie was doing tbh. I spent a little time looking at what the sixxers were doing but none of it made a ton of sense. Just drafting big after big after big creating a log jam. Sixxers have also been saying "if we draft x it will make us great""

I think fans who understand basketball can understand "the process", but i think a lot of people are sort of tired of the team as a whole not getting success. My uncles and parents for example- still big blazers fans, but they dont watch anymore cause they know this year is a wash.

Also im not 100% positive i understand what you mean with "There is no more pathetic measure of mediocrity than hanging your hat on making the playoffs 20+ years in a row." if you could clear that up for me?

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