Post-Match Thread: 1899 Hoffenheim 0-6 Bayern München [Bundesliga, Round 24]

Can we stop acting as if insulting a rich guy for harming German club culture is a similar thing as chanting monkey noises to a black guy?

I never said it was the same. I told you several times that they were completely different issues lol are you illiterate?

One is a political statement or a protest

A witchhunt from several fanbases against a single person is not a political statement or protest.

The german constitution says

I. Basic Rights

Article 1 [Human dignity]

(1) Human dignity shall be inviolable. To respect and protect it shall be the duty of all state authority.

(2) The German people therefore acknowledge inviolable and inalienable human rights as the basis of every community, of peace and of justice in the world.

(3) The following basic rights shall bind the legislature, the executive, and the judiciary as directly applicable law.

Article 2 [Personal Freedoms]

(1) Everyone has the right to unrestricted personal growth, without violating the rights of others or the constitutional or the moral directive.

(2) Everyone enjoys the right of life and of physical safety. The personal freedom of each individual is inseverable. These rights may only be infringed upon pursuant to a law.

Personal witchhunts,like this one, are undemocratic aswell

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