Post-Match Thread: Liverpool 1-2 Sevilla (Friendly)

Liverpool fans need to stop thinking that Sevilla's staff and players shouldn't have taken this match so seriously. They played dirty, but one team's pre-season "it doesn't matter" friendly is another team's test to see where they are at against a squad who has reached the UCL Final the past 2 seasons. It doesn't matter who is on the pitch, they are still playing against an elite squad.

For the level they are at (Europa League, lets be honest), they have a pretty big competition amongst their squad, a lot of guys competing for the starting 11. They have to play hard. They have to win every 50/50. Gnagnon had a terrible excuse for a tackle, but stop acting like this game should have meant 0 to the Sevilla players on the pitch.

You're squad lost in the 90th minute in a game that should have been meaningless. Think about it that way instead of crying about something that happened before that.

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