Post NXT TakeOver: Chicago II Discussion Thread

Show was pretty good. Tag match was killer even though the winners were obvious. Love Velveteen, want to see him get a title, he truly deserves it, but that match wasn't quite what I hoped it would be. I really didn't dig the women's match, which surprised me; I was looking forward to that one. I get why it wasn't the main event, but I hope the NXT Championship is booked as the main event next time, if not, then what's the point of being the champion? That said, Black vs Sullivan was real...meh. i hope they can give Black something more compelling to do next time. Gargano vs. Ciampa, those two are so good. I felt like the story should have ended at the last Takeover, I hope it's over now, at least for a while. But these two killed it.

With Dominion last week and this tonight, it's a good time to be a fan.

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