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There are some issues here.

Basically everyone in power is going to have skeletons in their closets because literally everyone has skeletons in their closets. The issue is that it's very hard to understand Kavanaugh's skeletons because he's clearly lying about a huge number of things.

If Kavanaugh was a frat boy jerk off who lied in his year book to try to fit in, I don't think that's a problem. The problem is that Kavanaugh doesn't look like a frat boy jerk off who lied to fit in. He looks like he's guilty of pretty much all of the worst things people are saying about him. What makes him look so guilty is the attempt to completely white wash his youth. He's claiming he never broke the law, was immature but spent all his weekends at church, saying he lost his virginity from what it sounds like when he was 30.

The virgin thing may very well be true. I don't believe it because Kavanaugh was a frat boy jerk off and most people I've met who have not lost their virginity by the time they were thirty generally had a number of social difficulties, were not the type of person who was a frat boy jerk off, and numerous other things. The type of people I know who are still virgins or did not lose their virginity until they were thirty were insanely awkward in high school and that awkwardness has manifested itself in fairly debilitating alcoholism now that they are thirty and insanely unhappy with various things including their still being virgins. This alcoholism exacerbates a mess of other problems. It's not attractive if everytime a person leaves their house, that person is so drunk they can't stand up...

Kavanaugh doesn't seem trust worthy. I'm pretty sure when it comes down to it people would say that about almost everyone, but the people in power who are pushing for kavanaugh, for instance Trump, lie constantly. The rhetoric of the republican party members who are most vocal about their outrage over how Kavanaugh is being treated in the press seem to be performing. The one Kennedy who plays cowboy spoke to Kavanaugh about "speaking in front of god and everyone" and this might be quaint and charming and all of this shit, but the reality is that I don't believe that Kennedy actually talks like that, and it's like when the guy who beat Roy Moore talked about how Roy Moore came out on stage "prancing around in a cowboy suit". It's a put on. It's a lie and a character and seems to display no concern with any possible validity of the charges. It's disingenuous.

My opinion on these things doesn't matter. The republican party has completely controlled the US government for as long as I have been alive, and for the most part, the most left leaning initiatives that have generally made it through the government under democrats had some genesis in Republican law. What this says to me is that not that the Republicans are more left or more concerned about people or anything else. It says something about the right-wing domination of American politics. I'm not going to just repeat the whole "Democrats are really just conservative" line. I'm saying even when the Democrats have power, they immediate cave to Republican demands. It's kind of upsetting.

Kavanaugh lied a bunch. He also went up and testified and blamed that people are asking questions about his fitness to sit on the supreme court on the Clintons. Neither Bill nor Hillary Clinton is in government office at the moment. Further, the Clinton's are hardly left wing. A major part of Bill Clinton's platform was shrinking government and basically running as far right as he conceivably could while fitting in most people's idea of democrats being the left leaning party in US politics. Regardless of Hilary Clinton's "progressive agenda" in her campagaign, Hilary Clinton did not win the presidency. She's not in power. People don't even like to see her. Right wing media hates her. A huge number of people are sexist. Both of these things have destroyed her credibility with the youth more than anything Bernie Sanders has said because you have a bunch of 19 year olds who went Bernie and then when he didn't win the primary voted for Trump (as if this makes any sense at all and 90% of what people are voting on realistically should not involve people's public persona unless the person is actively trying to start wars like Trump). You have a bunch of internet idiots who don't realize that people like Jimmy Dore are not "radical leftists" they're actually just conservatives who are hiding their politics behind hipper rhetoric...

My point is, at this moment the Clintons are dead politically. They do not have power. To talk about the Clinton's controlling all media and government function is about realistic as talking about George Clooney controlling the media and current government function. It's a joke. Regardless of the rape, which I honestly at this point believe he committed, this claim in itself should be enough for any responsible political figure to disqualify Kavanaugh from not only public office but virtually all government employment. Bush had oil money. Dick Chaney was part of the military industrial complex. But no sane person spoke about the conflicts of interest in Bush 2's presidency as an all encompassing conspiracy. It's bizarre. Honestly, government employees who make such claims should be treated as harshly if not more harshly as blatant racism. Claiming a political opponent, whether a governmental employee or a public opinion influencer, is preternaturally competent and actively seeking to destroy the country/the world is the type of claim that encourages violence. False competence explicitly stated is a serious problem on multiple levels. One of the reasons Trump is so harmful is because of his assertions that he knows various things that there's no conceivable way he would know. If he has learned various things because of white house staff or intellegence agencies, for Trump to claim that he learned these things on his own outside the efforts of his staff or the functioning of huge branches of government makes him appear even more untrustworthy to most people, and to his base makes him appear deific and encourages Qults - the q anon cult and conspiracies and similar nonsense. Multiple Q-anon people have committed acts of terror or engaged in huge criminal acts. If you have to pin the cause of the problem on anything, that cause is not "racism" or "conspiracies." It's a specific type of a racism and conspiracy, and it's root is the attribution of outlandish competence.

If Kavanaugh believes that the Clintons still have the type of influence he claimed, he's not fit for virtually any prominent government position because he's incapable of understanding the rough motivations of any of his co-workers or the average people in any government occupation. If he doesn't believe what he's saying, he's someone trying to create a conspiracy theory. On the surface, it'll start with the Clintons, and in 6 months it will be the Jews, the Muslims, Black people, the gay people in the military destroying our military from inside. Which of course says nothing about the rape...

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