A post in r/war points out alleged double standards in the way Ukrainians are portrayed in the Western media vs Palestinians. Literal war breaks out in comments

That’s a bad comparison imo for a few reasons.

First (and this is obviously not good), it’s way more akin to a “civil war” than a military conflict. Even if there’s outside forces at play that makes it way less likely to be international news/a headline.

Second, Yemen is simply not relevant to western politics. It’s way more about locality/resources than it is the people of Yemens skin color. If Yemen was located where Ukraine was and it got invaded it would be prominent western news.

Third, the encroaching country is a long time aggressor and former superpower. There’s a narrative to drive the story, more accurate understanding of the conflict and it’s trajectory, greater consequences for the world depending on outcome and on and on.

You basically have to start with your conclusion and work backwards to get there or it doesn’t make sense.

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