I know this post is really long, but someone please hear me out.

According to my return activity report, I went through 7 total returns, with 6 of them being the defective tablet exchanges in question, and the other being one I fully admit fault on.

And while I see your point, I can't subscribe to that logic. Because everyone else that has a tablet is having an awesome experience with it. I know that a good experience is out there, and I am not about to chunk entire an entire section of the tech market because I keep having bad luck. To me that just seems ridiculous.

And you know what? I'm less worried about the tablet now and more worried about whether my ability to return is affected at retailers other than best buy. I don't go in to a store thinking "lets see, what product am I going to buy and return today? How can I make best buy lose money" I go into the store with the mindset of buying a product and getting the fuck out. I'm not there trying to commit fucking return fraud.

I'm sick and tired of being implicated as some criminal for wanting a defect free product. No one seems to understand that. No one sees that I've followed the rules to a T: I've gone back to the store with the receipt (which was printes at the kiosk so it's genuine), showed them the exact defect (with them even agreeing that it is a defect upon inspection), gave them the ID, they tell me to get another product and bring it back, return processed and done.

And to further show I ain't some return fraudster, I bought a Wii U from Best Buy a few months ago. It was fine, I loved it and I didn't need to return it. The same thing goes for the smartwatch my mom bought me for Christmas (which was bought from a best buy). The same goes with all the videos games I've ever bought from them over the years. The same thing goes for the two laptops my dad bought from there ages ago. I could go on and on and on.

Sorry this was so long btw. I'm frustrated with this entire thing and need to vent.

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