"Post-wall" ladies, how do your red pill efforts shift with age? How do your efforts change in terms of still feeling attractive to your man? Does age impact how you support your man and family?

I would argue that going through each life step “dressing for your age” is a slippery slope. It can eventually lead women into the short-haired Karen phase of frump. It’s definitely something to watch out for. We need to think long-term.

Personally, I’m shooting to be MILF material that locks my husband down well into our 50’s and beyond/is checked out at the country club etc. Men of that age need to know you’re getting attention in order to stay on their game with you. People are so quick to stop showing skin too— varicose vein treatments and laser resurfacing can fix that if need be.

I learned a lot about the dynamic when I trolled Seeking Arrangements with a survey asking married boomer men why they got on there. I’m telling you, from what I gleaned it has a lot to do with the wives not feeling sexy and not acting in accordance with that. It’s important to dress and act sexy in all stages of life.

To anyone else reading, “bUt I’m wRiNkLeD” is not an excuse to cover up excessively— if you still go down on your man’s low-stooping grey balls, you can show off your aged skin.

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