Post WWE The Horror Show at Extreme Rules 2020 Discussion Thread!

I'm writing these after I watch each segment:

Starts off with New Day vs Cesaro & Nakamura. It was a fun tag team tables match I'm genuinely surprised that Cesaro & Nakamura won, it's cool to see another team as Champs. All four are obviously talented guys, it's just New Day are really, really stale. They've done the exact same thing every single week without fail for literally 5 years straight now. It's really stale, they need to mix things up. I miss Xavier Woods - the best talent in New Day - and I really hope he returns soon. You can really tell he's the catalyst out of the three of them. Cesaro & Nakaumra are obviously really talented, but I'm not really into their characters. "pissed off underutilized guys" isn't really new, or interesting. When they had Sami, at least he was a good promo, Cesaro is fine on the mic, Nakamura isn't, but Sami was really needed for this team to work. But again, the characters aren't really inspired.

Great little promo with Alexa, Nikki, Auska & Kairi. Nikki's character is a lot of fun, she's really came into herself over the last year.

Bayley vs Nikki, hell yeah! Bayley really is the star of Smackdown, she's fantastic in every single thing she does. Purple really suits her too. That was a good match, loved every moment of it, they really work well together. Nikki looks like she's lost weight, good for her. I'd really like to see Nikki as Champion one day.

Return of the Firefly Fun House, with a creepy and spooky vibe too it. Fun stuff, Bray is really creative and being able to add all these layers to the Bray Wyatt character has been really cool. I really didn't care about Wyatt before he got injured, but coming back with the Funhouse aspect was genius. He's one of best characters in Wrestling today.

Apollo vs MVP isn't happening, I'm okay with that, Apollo is super boring without a character. I don't get why he's Champion, I mean I guess the Pandemic, but there are better characters that could have got it. The New US Title looks like garbage. The last good looking WWE Title has been thrown in the trash and replaced with another ugly toy. Good MVP promo, he's been good since his return. Bobby is boring, same old boring Bobby, no character which is a shame he has a great look. I'm glad they're giving MVP more of the spotlight than Lashley, they made the right choice.

Eye For An Eye. This match had me the most interested in the show. Seth Rollins is my favourite Wrestler and easily one of if not the best in the entire World. His Messiah character has only made him so much better. Rey is a legend, capable of working any story which is cool, and the Seth vs Rey story has been really fun so far. Nice hard hitting match with the twist of being focused on the eye, which I haven't seen before. Pretty cool. I can't wait for Seth to become WWE Champion in the fall, the dude is truly amazing.

Woop more fun with Bayley and Banks! Good stuff, TwoBeltsBanks & BayleyDosStraps, lets do it!

Sasha vs Asuka was okay, I'm not a fan of Asuka and her banshee screeching, really makes things worse tbh. I think they've told her to cut that shit out, because she was doing it less, which is an improvement, she just needs a character now. But Sasha won, excellent. The match made total sense, she's a great character and one of the best Wrestlers on RAW. The finish was a lot of fun, great stuff, and you guys all exploded in anger, making the whole thing work. Awesome. Lets ride this Bayley & Banks train to WRESTLEMANIA WOO WOO!

Drew vs Dolph, I really like Drew, he's been really impressive. I feel really bad for him that his run is during the Pandemic, rather than having the crowd. Dolph is a good talent, he isn't credible though, which is a shame because he has everything, looks, skill, charisma. Ziggles with the heel stipulation, makes total sense. This was a good, fun match. Dolph always makes his opponents look great, and Drew looked super impressive.

Swamp match is next. Bray has been really great since his return. Braun is meh, he can't talk or wrestle and doesn't have a character. He had to replace Roman and I get that, but the dude is straight up boring, I'm shocked he's held the Title this long tbh, coulda had Miz & Morrison be co-Champions and it would have been so much better, but what's done is done. The swamp match was fun, these cinematic matches are actually pretty cool and creative.

Overall Extreme Rules was a great show, all the matches were fun and well worth watching the show. The stories all made sense and I was entertained by the whole thing. Great stuff.

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