I posted about my boyfriend admitting to sexual misconduct. Then I posted about how I broke up with him for it. Then the internet lost its mind.

It is true, he would get ganged up on and raped in jail, Not once, but every single day that he is there, that is how sexual predators are treated in jail. He may even lose his life in there or take his own life. I don't condone rape, I hate rapists, but he seemed truly apologetic and you seem smart enough to figure out, because of your reaction, he won't tell his next girlfriend. He also blocked you from his social media pages so you won't find out if he gets in a relationship and is scared if you would tell anyone, too late, you told the whole of reddit but you are protecting his identity

Had he done it again besides the time with his first crush? Was it the only time he ever did it? those are questions that will never be known. He wanted you to accept him for who he was so he admitted the biggest fuck up in his life and you refused him, horrified, can't blame you one bit.

Imagine if he never told you, you would probably still be going out with him unless he had done something like that to you, Thank God for the truth right? He never did anything wrong to you by the sounds of things, but what I got out of this story is he will be a liar for the rest of his life. He had an awesome relationship with you and the truth fucked it all up. If you want to hold him accountable, you can try and find out which woman he sexually assaulted and at what party. One may argue you already held him accountable by dumping his ass as soon as he told you what he did, but you can pursue further if you wish.

This whole situation is fucked. A little off topic, I once dated a very attractive girl that seemed nice and caring and to that point she was. When she admitted she could SEE and SPEAK to demons and spirits I bailed on her ass, I was horrified, Couldn't look at her the same. I couldn't accept her for what or who she was, even though she told me the truth about her.

Guess the truth really does set you free.

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