I posted this on r/europe and mods instantly removed it

God didnt allow natural disaster, mankind did. Mankind has free will to NOT commit natural disasters too. Atheists are just satanists in denial, because like satanists, they hate their creator, they hate mankind, and they believe everything is God's fault. They take no agency for the power God has given them over their own decisions. You're simply just another tool of Lucifer. A parrot repeating the same tired narrative passed on from generations of atheists who can't find love on earth, so they reject everything about life entirely. God's love isn't based around selfish ego driven love of self, and of your own image. Alot of atheists love Hollywood, all the self-obsession and woe-is-me self-deprevation. Simply follow Christ. Think outside your own selfish need of love for your ego before you die.

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