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Matter of interpretation. Some people saw the Braves series as "We almost split it". Others saw it as "We should have lost all 4 games". Some see games where we're competitive as who we are. While that might be partial true, it's also foolish to just look at it that way. If you only see the small picture you will see whatever you want to see. If you see the big picture you will see much more. The Giants have been one top 5 worst teams in pretty much every offensive category ( Hits, HRs, Team Average, OPS, Slugging) you name it. Surprisingly they're hitting doubles and are one of the best teams in baseball hitting doubles. The offense has been bad for 3 years now and that hasn't changed. You're going to hear that our offense was always bad, but that's just not true regardless how many times it's posted or who preaches it.

We basically have one top 3 worst offenses in baseball and our pitching is broken down. Part of it is the talent. Dutch was lucky last year or the NL adjusted to him. Pomz hasn't been consistent. Shark gets a lot of crap, but he is still very serviceable. Remember how in 2017 he had 20 Quality Starts /200 IP? People here were saying Quality starts were worthless because a quality start translated into a Sub 4 era. Never take for granted a guy who gives u 15-20 Quality starts each year. That said Shark is still a solid pitcher. Maybe he's not the workhorse of the past, but he's still better than many other options. As to the bullpen, no shock. Overused, tired, injuries, saw this before the season even started. You can't keep just hanging by a thread. Eventually that thread will snap and this is where we are. No offense, Pitching is broken, Taxed, welcome to the SF Giants Show

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