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Interesting, do you think he'll be relatively cheap? I know his age and all that, but I figure he's pretty well-liked by the Rangers, so they might want a decent amount to part ways. Yeah, unfortunately.

The 'Stros are currently rockin' Luis Valbuena at 3B, so they could be looking for an upgrade if they're still in contention come trade deadline time (he's currently hitting to a 105 wRC+). The Tigers might be looking to upgrade too, though they probably want Castellanos there longterm. But right now he's hitting to a 82 wRC+. The Angels could take a hard look at Beltre as well with Freese at a 97 wRC+. Other potential contenders with accompanying bad hitters: San Diego, Middlebrooks 73 wRC+; and White Sox, Gillaspie 95 wRC+. The Nats are interesting because you figure they slot Rendon there as soon as he's healthy, but who knows how he'll hit when he's finally back. Current estimates say Rendon is back in June some time. So yeah, a lot is still up in the air with who might need a 3B in a couple months.

Another issue might be Beltre himself. I mean, he's hit between a 135 and 142 wRC+ over the past 5 seasons, so maybe it's just a bad start, but right now, his BB% is down, his ISO is slightly down, batting average down, OBP down, SLG down, and he's hitting to a 91 wRC+. Of course, his K% has also gone down and he has a .266 BABIP right now compared to a career .299 BABIP, so it's probably just bad luck. Although his LD% is down 6% so far this season, his IFFB% is up 7%, his HR/FB% is down 3%, his Soft% is up 6%, and his Hard% is down 4%. But hopefully those things normalize to career averages at least.

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