Postgame Thread: Pittsburgh Steelers 24 San Diego Chargers 20

I've brooded over the loss and even as a cynical fan I kept trying to believe this team is better than it is. But it's not. I'm done believing in the hype.

Let's just get this out of the way: we're starting the season 2-4. Rodgers will have his way with us like Olivia Munn's cunt and it won't be nearly as pretty. And I'm honestly kind of glad. I've always been defensive of McCoy (was always team Fuck Reich though).

But the memes end here. Fuckle your seatbelt I'm just getting started. McCoy needs to go. Like, what in the fuck will he ever do to get the Chargers to win a super bowl? He's about as passionate as my Friday alone nights, more conservative than a suburban mother, and is his fucking playbook a coloring book I swear to god I'm done. 55-0 at green bay let's do it. Only thing that'll ratle the cage. I want to see this team slaughtered. I want out team to get memed on. I want Rivers to throw 99 picks and fumble the ball the rest of the plays. I want my shit fucked up fam. It is the only thing that'll procure change.

And on that note let's talk about Rivers. Great qb. Glad to have him. THREE pick sixes this season. 15 of his last 17 games has he thrown an interception. We can talk about the funny faces he makes, that he carries this team, that without him we'd go 4-12. It's all true. But there's no excuse. Step up your game Rivers you're time to win a super bowl is nearing it's end you fucking fuck.

I can't tell if Gordon just sucks or is being poorly utilized. I can't tell anything about this team actually but if I have to see our first rounder get stuffed one more time I'm taking up meth.

Flowers, fuck off with this "A sophomore that hasn't even played sixteen games is outstripping me". You Haynesworth on me and I'll make you meet your 72 my friend. Inches under not talking virgins. (sidenote this is a lie I can't beat Flowers but behind a computer screen I'm Mayweather).

Our O-Line STILL sucks. Our D-Line still sucks. TT did jack shit for the latter too. Except let Gachkar go who's doing well on the Cowboys. Our team is a triage for the second year in a row. Reich needs to go. McCoy needs to go. I like Pagano but put him on the hot seat.

We have talent. A HoF TE and Safety. A top 10 QB with top 5 potential (and bottom 5 potential sometimes let's be honest). A stud running group with THE best passing back in the league. A paper secondary that should be lighting shit up. Stud receivers. Yet all we get is a middle of the road draft pick.

The combined record of teams we've beaten is 2-8. We beat the only winless team in the league and that one team that plays in Cleveland. We can't even beat Michael Vick. We have gotten WORSE than our injury prone selves last year. Fuck.

This team couldn't beat ray rice's wife.

btw yes I will regret this post when I wake up tomorrow please don't downvote me I am a sensitive man.

See you next week.

I still love you woodhead.

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