Posts from our comrades at Qiao Collective talking about the thorough Chinese response to reports of racism in Guangdong, and why comparing China to the U.S. in this regard is completely wrong

USA said that this virus would collapse the Chinese economy, but it would help accelerating decoupling, and would MAGA. So the virus would be good for America. How did that turn out?

USA said this virus would bring the commies to their knees. People would be discontent with the Chinese response, stage the uprising, and overthrow the party. How did that turn out?

USA said China was too slow in the beginning, and that having 95,000 cases and 5,000 deaths despite lockdowns means utter failure of governance. How did that turn out?

USA said China was being racist, discriminating against its black residents and ethnic minorities, exposing them to the virus. How did that turn out?

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