Pot SB asking for $ on our second date (part 2.)

To be fair, do you have any reason to doubt the SD's side of the story? If not, then I'll assume she lashed out in anger and was quick to judge. His past posts don't show any indication he's an asshole and in fact are well written.

Of course she didn't ask for full PPM, it wasn't an intimate date. Thats just normal, nothing to praise about. And in the SD's previous post, he said he paid for an Uber.

Again, lashing out and accusing him that he only wants to pay for sex shows immaturity and lack of judgement. On top of that suddenly lying that shes busy and canceling the next date shows again shows immaturity and unwillingness to share different views.

Its plenty constructive to say that the SB is immature, hot tempered, and lacks judgement so the SD can move on.

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