Potency of 1P-LSD

Mate I really don't get your time and where you are coming from I mean wider scepticism and criticism can we not just have a little bit more faith and trust in people and the world?

Basically this compound was tested probably fairly extensively by a selected team of beta testers behind closed doors not officially on the mainstream news channel with a nice printed graph Verified by the FDA lol!

These beta testers tested multiple other homologues at the same time in a blind trial fashion and the unanimous conclusion was that the 1cp LSD was more Potent than the others by quite a noticeable margin.

And you can be sure that these beta testers were all very experienced with psychedelics, and fit for purpose to judge we have absolutely no reason to discount their subjective impressions and reports so I don't see why you are fighting such a court case against this suggestion that it may be more Potent wait for weight?

I think your angle is a bit ridiculous really perhaps you could question it and reevaluate with a more open perspective.

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