Pouring from an empty cup.

What exactly do you feel guilty about? None of this is your fault! You are doing exactly what you need to be doing for her. She’s a toddler-she has no idea how the world works or even what is happening to her. You are being a badass of a mom! Do not feel guilty-you’re tired. See if you can have someone sit with her in your house while you nap during the day. People are so willing to help but have no idea how-this is a no brainer way to help! Make sure you’re eating, getting some air-even if it’s just going in the backyard for 5 minutes while she naps. You need to take care of yourself to be able to take care of her. Best of luck-I think you’re amazing and we’re all pulling for you and your family. She will grow out of this and won’t even remember her twos. Make sure to take care of yourself too! Best of luck.

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